Five Year Parish Program for Newly Married Couples

Cost: $10 per parish per year
          $45 for all five years

What is Ministry to the Newly Married?
A mentoring program for the first 5 years of marriage for couples married in the Catholic Church.
To foster the development of relationship skills, broaden their understanding of each other and of the living out of the sacrament of marriage.

1. Mentor couples who are practicing Catholics and have been married for at least 5 years mentor newly weds in their first five years of marriage.
2. Mentor couples are paired with a different newly married couple each year to maximize their learning opportunity.
3. More experienced mentor couples are asked to be Workshop Leaders.
4. Mentor couples, of the same program year, workshop their talks together, with a nominated Workshop Leader.

Management Principles
Foster an ongoing evolution of the program, sustain its continuity, stability and integrity, and incorporate accountability through:
- ongoing evolution via marriage educators’ conferences
- continuity via a mentor couple ‘shadowing’ the local Lead Couple prior to  
  assuming the leadership role
- stability and integrity overseen by the national Stewardship Group

- accountability via auditing, evaluation surveys, a register of involved
  couples, etc.

Framework of the Program
Newly weds meet every 3 months with their mentoring couples to discuss and share on four defined topics each year, engaging with a new mentoring couple each year.
A dinner is held to launch the year’s proceedings, establish matchings and schedule first meetings.

The Dinner is:

- a part of the framework of the program
- called for and enjoyed by newly weds and by mentor couples
- held in a celebratory spirit
- a confraternal gathering of all participants at the start of each year.

The 4th meetings and graduate’s paraliturgy may be combined in a Final Night. Each year’s Workshop Leader presents the 4th topic to their year’s group of newly weds and mentor couples;
the 4th meetings may be held one-to-one as for the preceding meetings, and a Graduation Night be held for those newly weds completing the program
- to which all mentor couples are especially invited who have mentored the graduates through the program.

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